bUT fIRST, The Syrian Crisis

Thank you for joining me today.  Before we get started, there is an issue dear to my heart, which I would like to discuss, and is the reason for the hiatus in the blog.  I am an evangelical Christian who is appalled at Obama’s response to persecution of Christians in the Middle East, especially during the rise of ISSIS.  Millions of Christians are being slaughtered and still the administration places priority on gays and Muslims to receive humanitarian Visas to this country.  I wish I was mistaken, but I am not.  Coptic Christians, as in the group of men beheaded a few months ago, have consistently been denied humanitarian visas that were instead given to gay Muslims.  Obama, and we as a people, have stood back and watched a genocide of Christians occur in the Middle East that is now reaching the proportions of Hitler’s Germany to the Jews, and still our leadership---and still we do nothing. 

As you watch the stories of refugees assaulting Hungarian guards, there is a reason why most of them are Muslim.  Because, Christians are being killed, and their possessions pilfered by Muslim neighbors, stealing everything they can get their hands on for their own migration. 

I believe this nation owes the Christian populations a higher duty, and not only is the burden of their devastation on us, but a rank and putrid shame emanates from this nation, the sort of which we will never be completely free.

So, after hours watching the devastation and demanding that someone should do something, I realized that as I had training in immigration and family law, maybe part of that “someone” should be me.  So I’ve been going back to update my training.

I encourage you to think through how you may help.  There are now orphaned Christian children, families need sponsors, there is a group called Voice of the Martyrs who has been around for almost 40 years, and have survival kits you can help send.  This is a crisis that requires more than money, I hope you will find your place in it.

One last thought, something that is not being discussed is the loss of historical objects.  Syria is feverishly attempting to save ancient artifacts from ISSIS destruction, but as best as I have been able to determine, nothing is being done for Christian artifacts.   Syria, if not the cradle of Christianity, is certainly where it took its very first baby steps.  Antioch, which is heavily discussed in Acts, is in Syria. And, so is Damascus, where Paul received his sight again.  It is true that lives come first, but to lose this wonderfully rich history, would be more than tragic.

And so—that’s what I’ve been doing. 

Painting Fabric with Acrylic Paint

Last blog I promised you Andy Warhol, and here is how I went about coloring my fabric.

1) I have changed the picture.
Different picture, altered to look like an oil painting
2). Acrylic paint
I usually buy what is on sale and have had no real issues. Some require two coats where as others one, but this is just as much affected by what you're painting as the paint you are using. They have all lasted and acted the same once on.
3. Paint brush with sable bristles 
A true artist would cringe at water being used on a sable brush, but I prefer the look and coverage of the brush.
The soft bristles hold the paint better and release it in a more controlled manner.
4. 100% cotton muslin

5. Soak the fabric in water
6. Paint
7. Let dry
8.  Wash
9. Let dry again (actually, I cheated and just ironed it dry.)
10. When fully dry, iron on freezer paper (instructions in previous blog)
11. Print
12. Let sit for the ink to set
13. Rinse again
14. And, you’re done
A fabric medium is sometimes used with acrylic paint, I have never used it or felt it necessary to use.  My little boo boo that started me down the road of fabric painting took 20 years to fade.  The fabric will be a little stiffer, but once washed will soften up just fine.

With a wider printer, the applications are endless.  

Thank you for joining me today, I hope you have fun with the project. It is fast, easy and can be all “you.” 

And, again please remember the Christian Syrians and other Middle Eastern brothers and sisters in your prayers.  

Until next time, have a blessed week.


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