First published 9/3/2013

Over the next few weeks, I will be showing you how to make your own dress form.  

I wish I had thought of Rosa-Mae, but it was suggested to me by a customer who had come to get the supplies necessary to make her.

I call her Rosa-Mae after two ladies, well known for their full figures, Rosalind Russell and Mae West.

If you sew, as a full figured, tall or plus sized woman, you know how very difficult it is to find a dress form that actually expands, lengthens and adjusts to fit you, even if you did have the money to purchase it.  This is a practical solution, very inexpensive, and although requires a little work, well worth the end result. 

The concept is very simple.  You first wrap yourself with saran wrap to protect your body from the second step which is to then wrap yourself with duck tape.  The duck tape, creates a shell which you then develop with paper mache.  

Fear not, I will go into more detail, but from a skill stand point...well...I learned how to paper mache in elementary school, so I'm guessing if you can read this, you will have no problem in doing it.  It does require patience, because you need to let each layer of the form dry before moving onto the next.   

You will need someone to help you with the first stage, it just can't been done alone.

You also will need:

one box of saran wrap,
spool of duck tape
pair of scissors
tight disposable tank tee with straps not spaghetti strings.
flour and water
large bowl
plastic milk crate
[Sorry for the picture. Unfortunately, there is a learning curve with my first idiot proof digital camera. But, if you look at the form from a certain perspective, it does come into focus.]
Stay tuned...until next time...


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Such a adorable suite it is, would love to see more like that one.

09/27/2017 2:45am

Making of that suit had required several working hours.


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