Welcome back, thank you for joining me.  We have now come to the type of ribbon embroidery I am most excited about when looking at this year’s fashions.  I don’t know the official name, but I call it—weaving. 

The processes is very simple but, can give you wonderful, fast, options with design and color.

Traditionally the stitch is used to create flowers.  But, with a little creative thinking, it can  be used to make any design.   

How it is done

The process is very simple.  Make a stitch, probably no more than half an inch, crosswise to the direction of your pattern, and make these stitches along the path your pattern will take.  For those familiar with weaving, these stitches will act as the warp stitch, the lengthwise strings.  However many stitches you make, always be sure to end with an odd number.  

Then, you begin your weaving, by entering your woof ribbon close to the first warp stitch.  Regardless of ribbon length, make sure you tie a knot in the end.  Now, you weave, in out, in out, to the end and back again.  At least do two rows to tie the ribbon down, but there really is no harm in running one ribbon through the warp without weaving.  I would caution that you will want to preshrink your fabric before you do this.  My experience has been that the ribbon will not shrink.  It washes beautifully. 

I had a sample quilt section left over with a verse on it, and am using that for my example.  The section is actually a boo boo, I didn’t have the heart to throw away.  You will notice color variation.  The reason is because I learned that when "they" say you can use an ink jet printer, that it still doesn’t mean that the ink will be color fast.  The fabric was printed on an HP all in one.  The color was not color fast, the black, however, was.  Now, getting back on topic.  You can see a little interest would be nice, this is why I used the ribbon embroidery. 

Practice notes:

Because the ribbon is so large, you will be less inclined to have a tight stitch.  However, after each stitch, I will flatten the fabric to make sure that it is lying flat.  Notice, I really don't need an embroidery hoop, but, that is its purpose, to keep your fabric stable and tension even.

As you make a stitch, run the needle along the ribbon to flatten it if it have rolled during the stitch.

When doing the weaving, use the needle backwards, so the point doesn’t go through the ribbon instead of under or over it.  You can also switch to a blunt ended needle. 

With the rose, I worry less about straightening the ribbon, as the gradually compacted ribbon creates a more realistic look.

Summing up 

The resource I used in getting started with ribbon embroidery is Threads.  http://www.threadsmagazine.com/item/3725/beginners-silk-ribbon-embroidery-five-easy-stitches/page/all but don’t limit yourself.  As you can see, we have covered hand sewing, weaving and embroidery.  Big bold looks are available with ribbon embroidery, and take very little time to do.  Have fun and experiment with the technique, it costs very little to get started, and can help add just the right detail to make your look flattering, exciting and original.

Thank you for joining me today, have a great week, and God Bless.



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