I hope I haven't beaten a dead horse with this...but one of my passions is to take ordinary items and use them outside of the norm. Today, again, we will explore uses of our single crochet chain in designing some wonderful jewelry or accents for shirt, jacket, dress or pants.  In fact, you can enlarge the circle we are about to make, to twice the size, line it, and turn it into a clutch. 

Yes, there may be a number of different ways of achieving the same goal, faster, but the skill level is so minimal, anyone really can do this, and get great results.


To finish our jewelry project, twist the end of your chain into a circle.  Then, with a thread of equal strength to the chain, determine a front and back, and begin binding the coil together.

Continue to do this until you have bound the pendant to the desired size.

Then, add an earring wire to the small circles, and a jump ring to the pendant with leather sting, and voila, a necklace with matching earrings.  You can do the same thing to create a bracelet and ring.  (A jump ring is a metal circle, you can find this and the earring wires and chain or leather cord at your local craft store.  In fact many now have well stocked purse sections where you can find a variety of clasps.)


As I was flipping through a Neiman Marcus Catalog, (delivered to the wrong address…as if…) I came across these shirts.  These concept can be easily repeated with the single chain stitch.

Simply make your chain, you can add a small bead for interest.  Remember, however, you will want to wash this, so you want to use a bead that is not so large it will wear out and break the thread.  

The simple leaf shape is very easy to create, don’t worry about it being perfect…after all, leaves aren’t perfect. 

To make this look, first, you will need upholstery nylon thread.  I used a 5mm crochet hook.  If you are not a wing it kind of person, make a pattern leaf to follow, and place your chains around the pattern.  Once all the pieces are assembled, pin everything into place, and then, with a very hot steam iron, press the applique.  You will find the nylon holds together well enough to gently place onto wonder under to iron it once more onto the adhesive.  

Make sure all the loops are glued down by the adhesive, and easy peezy, you have a wonderful light look that can be ironed onto any shirt, dress, or jacket.  

My hope today is to show how so many of our crafting tools and techniques, with just light changes, can translate into wonderfully different and diverse application.

Thank you for joining me, have a great week, and God Bless. 


05/24/2016 10:21am

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