This year is “crazy” with pattern and provides tremendous opportunities for large and tall women.   Of course, I realize I keep saying this but, what exactly do I mean?   

Well….I mean this.

In a perfect world, the perfect dress, pant, jacket, skirt or shirt, will fall on you in a way that minimizes what you would want minimized and maximizes what you want maximized.  Because of the explosive use of pattern this year, the large and tall woman can actually make that perfect dress.  
Marcy Tilton, at  is one of many designers who are now creating patterns that allow you to build a look.  I am familiar with this designer principally through her association with Vogue patterns.  This year I see a lot of her "influence."    Whether you are 16 or 70, you might find it helpful to take a look at her work.  

This dress to your right, for instance, can be as daring or as tame as you want, with diagonal stripes, calico-- a soft floral…or all three combined.  Built just for you.

I hope, during this next series of blogs to show you some wonderfully effective “building” techniques, used by today's designers.  

the wonderful world of stripes

Stripes can be very effective and flattering, but done wrong, your worst disaster.  It is beyond me why fashion designers insist on clothing large women in thin horizontal stripes.   The dress to your far right is passible, but the other two are just not fair.  REALLY!!!

I am a firm supporter of bold, wider lines.  For instance, the middle dress has the right idea.  It is creating a thinning illusion but, where is the style?  It is not daring, the monotony of the thin stripe makes it less appealing than a candy striper.  

Sadly, the dress on the far right is not appropriate for a large woman.  Again, the lines are too thin, and all you are going to see is a big fat bumble bee…like the one on the far left.  (Which I am not even going to discuss.)  The diagonal cut is excellent, but the black lines should gradually widen going down the skirt, and gradually widen going from the waist up the bodice.  The lines on the sleeve are probably fine.  
Right are dresses with thin stripes, but notice all three break the monotony of the horizontal lines.  Furthermore, although all three have the same stripe width, because the lines vary directionally, a thinning look is created for the hips and waist.

Thin stripes are not out, just use with caution.  You will notice that the busyness of the jacket is used to focus the eyes into the center.  Creating the same effect as the dress below. 
In this dress bold, large stripes are going vertically along the hips and because the horizontal stripes are more intense (it could be an illusion, but the black and white lines look a little thinner), you immediately see the short vertical stripes.  Thus by visually breaking up the space, but in a way that focuses the attention on a narrow front panel, a wonderful thinning illusion is created.

Here are a few more designers I thought made very effective use of stripes.

And of course, check out my Pinterest site for even more great stripes.
Yes, you can fail with wide stripes, but here the stripes are not put into a context.

Nicely done.
This site had some very nice ideas.  Why does this dress work?Much thinner stripe, but notice bold black diagonal stripe, irregular hem and short sleeves.  The smaller stripe creates more of a background look so that the object of the design is the black stripe.

Notice the stripes although thin, are diagonal



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