This year is alive with color.  Pinks, aqua, peach, orange…there is virtually no color that is out.  Sadly, most women are so fearful of stepping out in a disastrous cacophony of color that they barely dip their toe in the proverbial water.  I hope to give you the courage to at least put the whole foot in, if not take the plunge.

Large and tall women especially can benefit from remarkable options available to help develop a flattering look.  Today we have color, pattern, fabric and style, at our disposal.  
So, here we go…

What are the rules?  The broad answer is, there are no rules.  Or should I say, there have grown more exceptions to the rules than the rules themselves.  

Neutral colors are those colors which will not clash with anything.  These colors are traditionally, black, white, grey, beige, blue (is now being used as a neutral color), ivory, taupe, and apparently, orange is the new black (no, it’s not just a T.V. series).

Pastels as defined by Google are colors, when described in the HSV color space that have high value and low to intermediate saturation. In other words, they look faded or lighter than other colors.   The name comes from pastels, chalk used in art, which absorbs color in a certain way. 

Pastels are in contrast to bold colors which are dyed in a manner and to fabrics that through their absorption create intense colors.  Pure cotton, silk, and synthetics like polyester can give you bold colors.  Wool, and linen, because of the coarseness of their fiber will tend to give you softer looks.
You will always be safe combining neutrals together or with pastel or a bold colors.  

However, if you wish to be a little—or very daring, this year’s fashions allow that too.

Certain themes have arisen.  First, dressing in one solid color (sadly, I think politically motivated) is very in.  The important thing is to make sure that all the colors from shirt, pants, jacket, dress or skirt are spot on the same color.   
There is also a strong influence in ethnic, tribal or clan color matching.  These tend to be bright color combinations introduced through classic tie dying or batik techniques.  Darfur and the horror of its atrocities, are but a faint geopolitical memory now, but I was surprised, as I watched the news reports, at how beautiful the women’s clothes were.  Soft cottons dyed with powerful greens and yellows or pinks, reds and oranges, all swirling into wonderful combinations.   And this is what I am also seeing on the fashion runways.

Tribal colors are influenced by several factors both practical and esthetic. Each color combination and pattern helps to distinguish members from different tribes.  This function for coloring is important for close up encounters, but also to recognize friend or foe from a distance.   Hence, bright or dark colors, depending on the terrain, not only help to distinguish an individual from his surroundings, but also determine his welcome.  Texture and fiber of the cloth influence the absorption of color, and therefore, the use of color.  Local dyes greatly dictated what colors could be used and last--esthetics.  We are nothing if not creative beings.  The results are color combinations that will not follow the color wheel.   In many of the fashions on my Pinterest page, I can already hear you say, “I would never have put those together.”  In fact, no one in 21th century western or eastern Europe would probably have put these colors together.  But together they are, and surprisingly work.  
Another theme is what I call, “discordant fashion.”  This is fashion that when you look at it strikes you simultaneously as being noisy or busy, but--works.  The key is that as you look at what initially appears to be discordant fabrics, you will find united by a single color or pattern.  For instance, outfit to your far right, you will notice that the model has white, black, but the color your eye catches is the red.  The mind, always trying to make sense out of disorder, will find order in the colors to the point that when asked what the dominant color in the outfit is, you will probably say red.  When in fact, a second look reveals that it is the boldest color, not the dominant color.  But, because the eye catches the exact same color in the jacket and dress, it pulls out the order from the apparent chaos.  For this look to work, you need to be very exacting in selecting the themed color in each fabric.  Close is not good enough.  The result, however, is an outfit that is lively, flattering, daring, and yet, well-coordinated.

Below, I have included daring use of color and style I think are very flattering to large and tall women.  Thank you for joining me, and I look forward to meeting up with you next week.  Until then, God Bless.

I would not recommend the briefs, but the other outfit--why not...



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