This cape took me only two hours to make.  I wasn’t thinking when I got the fleece material, forgetting that it comes 60” not 45,” and got considerably more than what I needed.  So, I not only made a cape out of the fabric but a sleeveless jacket, which I also still wear quite often. 

A note about fleece.  Fleece is a knit and has a two way stretch.  You will want to account for that when sewing so you don’t pop seams.  You will also want to use a ball point needle.  In most cases, regular all purpose thread will be fine. 

When it first came out, it was called polar fleece, and there was only one type.  Now, there is blizzard fleece, anti-pill fleece, micro fleece and ultra cuddle fleece.  Not all of these fleeces are the same.  The only two that do not need to be finished are the blizzard or polar fleece and anti-pill.  All the others need to be finished or they will fray.  Of the two, blizzard and anti-pill, the one I prefer is blizzard.  The anti-pill is treated to resist pilling, but it is said that the treatment will actually shorten 

the life of the fleece.  Since this stuff lasts forever, I don’t know if anyone would actually live long enough to watch it fall apart.  However, the treatment does three other things.  If you clip it to fringe, the strips will curl versus lay flat.  Second, the color tends to becomes more muted. And, third, the untreated fleece feels thicker, and has better body.  It is for this reason I prefer the blizzard for jackets and capes.  The cape I made has started to pill, but the patina has made several people think it wool.  So—I’m ok with the pilling. 

The McCall directions are easy to follow and there are no unexpected surprises.  If you use fleece, you actually don’t have to roll and finish the ends.  If your machine can sew the blanket stitch or any other decorative stitch, it would be fine to do this instead of rolling a quarter inch hem.  

Other fabrics that would do well are of course wool, velvets, velveteens, any fabric with a little body and swish to it.  Remember, this is a long cape so you don’t want a fabric that will add too much weight.

If you have trouble with short attention span, this is the pattern for you.  It takes almost no time to make, and looks great when you’re done.

When done, consider accessorizing with fine, handcrafted jewelry from For, Women of Substance.


05/11/2016 3:17am

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