Vogue Pattern V1277 

I love this jacket.  I made it two years ago with faux fur and upholstery fabric, and the whole pattern took me about a day to do from start to finish.  

There are several aspects to this coat that are flattering to a large woman. First, it is full and ample yet the lines are not out like a tent, but down. Second, the bottom of the coat is irregular, waving up and down.  Down in the front and back and slightly upward along the sides.  The wavy look breaks up my broadest areas, the thigh and rear, and reduces coat volume in the areas I need the volume least.

The pattern is reversible solid on one side, and pieced on the other.  Because of this piecing, you are afforded a great opportunity to contour the lines of the coat to an even more flattering look.  For instance, using lighter colors at the top, and darker ones as you go down the jacket.  Or, using darker fabrics for the horizontal lines, and lighter ones for the vertical.  The options are endless, but the pattern allows for some wonderfully creative looks that are highly flattering to larger women.  If you are process oriented, and enjoy the sewing experience, you will have a lot of fun with this coat pattern. 

I, however, approach all patterns with the same philosophy.  GET IT DONE. I sew because I enjoy clothes that fit and flatter.  Therefore, once these objectives are met, I’m done.  I can live without french pockets and covered buttons.  

Because this is a Vogue pattern, it is finished beautifully.  The pattern directions did let me down in a couple of places, but fortunately, they are at spots that needed improvisation. 

First, I did not do the piecing.  On one side I selected black faux fur with very little body.  Because the fur is so limp, I used upholstery fabric for the reverse side.  The pattern calls for french pockets which would not have worked well with the fur, so I omitted the pockets.  However, as a warning, the directions are poor.  Somehow it is a reversible pocket—one pocket with an entry point from each side.  Second, the coat is bound in a number of places, where the piecing is joined, and around the sleeves and bottom of the coat. The sleeves are to be bound in a way that I still have yet to understand.    Because it is a reversibly coat, the sleeves have to be finished on the outside.  As the fur is too thick to be bound, I simply roll the sleeves as a cuff, and re-roll the sleeves when I reverse the coat. 

You’ll need a large area to lay out the pattern, because you cut it all in one piece except for the sleeves.  Then, you sew—one big circle.  I suggest you further sew about two inches in from the edge,  to help the coat lay a little flatter.

There is no hand finishing and no buttons. The coat is ample in front and falls closed so no buttons are needed.   I have worn the coat a number of times and still enjoy it.  

The jacket is stylish, very easy to wear, and looks good with virtually any body type.  If you like what you see, I encourage you to give it a try.

One last thought,  use upholstery thread, and a denim needle, and the sewing will be a breeze.  Quite literally after one day’s work, I have a jacket that will last for as long as I want it to, and is tailor made for me.

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