These pants run a little skinny so if you use a thicker fabric, you may have to add to the seam allowance.  A light weight faille or challis would go beautifully, but even a velour, as long as you follow the pattern without front pleats. 

I have made each of these pant styles except the (D), with the pleats in the front.  Sewing was uneventful, and took less then an hour to make.  

All patterns except Burda are made for women who are 5’6”, as I am 5’9”, I usually have to make several alterations.  These pants were no exception.  All patterns provide comment on the pattern itself as  to where to lengthen or shorten a garment. The style is snug around the 

stomach and butt, so you are going to want to correct for crotch length, and then add two or three inches to the hem.  They are nice, wide legged pants, with a side zipper.  I have made then for both casual use and as part of professional suits.

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