Don't let the summer fabrics fool you.  This style would look beautiful with felted wool fabric, knobby loose weave polyester just to name a few.  The pattern is so loose you may not even have to adjust the seam allowance, but taking less seam should handle any fabric thickness.

This jacket took me less than two hours to make.  I actually cheated.  I had bought several colors of poplin fabric many moons ago, and was going to make summer suits.   I found the pant pattern, and made up the pants firsts.  But, to switch things around, I tried looking for different jackets. I made up my green suit, and lavender suit, but stalled with the gray and pink.   Then, as things go, I used some of my pink fabric for a sash, and some for a something else, and by the time I found the jacket to go with the pants, I had very little fabric left.  

Fortunately, I had just enough fabric left to make the jacket, if I eliminated the ruffle on jacket (B).  And, this is what I did.   If I have enough of my gray fabric, I may make a ruffle from that, and then add a little to the sleeves, as they are 3/4 length to integrate the color into the jacket.

The directions for hemming the neck area are terrible.  I tried following them, and after several unsuccessful attempts, threw away the directions and went with what made sense.  If you study the picture closely you find the answer there.  The diagram in the pattern, is not helpful.

I recommend this jacket for casual or professional use.  Even with the problem I had with the neck, it still took me less than two hours to complete.  I did eliminate the ruffle, which would have added maybe another 1/2 hour to 45 minutes.  Give it a try, the style is especially flattering for large women.

When done, consider accessorizing with fine, handcrafted jewelry from For, Women of Substance.


Oh yes, I also used to Full Jacket just in winter and prefer lightweight jackets in summer. I think full collar jacket can be used professionally.Plain transparent jackets can be used causally apt to one‘s lifestyle.

06/29/2016 5:41am

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