This pattern flowed very nicely until I got to the pockets of the jacket.  I am still not sure what happened, but they ended up  too large for the jacket, hung down past the bottom edge.  I lengthened the pants as I usually do, along the crotch, and at the hem.  The zipper is in the back.  These pants don’t have a waistband and sit on the hips.  If you haven’t worn a pair of pants like this, I encourage you to give them a try.  They are very comfortable, and, take much less time to make.

I made the suit out of red pique (a favorite fabric of mine) and it’s fun to wear.  I recommend the pants as a standard pant pattern, and the jacket is very versatile.

When done, consider accessorizing with fine, handcrafted jewelry from For, Women of Substance.


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